2020-05-25 log

The big job of the day was converting this full-sun area that had been under occultation for a long time (not sure when I put the tarp down!).

It had been long enough that I found basically no viable Cynodon dactylon rhizomes further than a foot in from the edges—they were all brown and rotting. I did find a lot of rocks, though:

I planted and staked four more tomatoes (Green Vernissage and Juliet) and made cages to keep the chickens off the little plants. Then I partly mulched the area.

Still need to install ~6″ mulch containment fence around the bed areas, thanks to the chickens. Then I will also mulch the paths. I also have some native perennials to plant in the other ends of the bed spaces from the tomatoes.

A couple of shots from the bed out of frame to the left of the previous photo:

Silene undulata (African dream root), started from seed in winter of 2018/2019

Eryngium species started from seed in winter 2018/2019. I need to look up what species/variety this is.

And that was enough for the day…

Cinnamon Chicken feet

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