Wintersowing status

The wintersowing technique is described in full at

This is my third year wintersowing, with more containers every year.

I find it works quite well for native plants, especially. It takes the fiddliness out of the process: no scarifying, no fridge stratification. Just let them be exposed to the seasons in a protected way.

I still have several containers of seeds planted winter 2019/20 that require two cold/moist periods with a warm period in between. Hoping for some sprouts this spring.

Wintersowing 2021, Container 71

I don’t know what I think I’m going to do with all these plants in the spring.

This year I’ve modified my jug technique. Top is cut all the way off. Holes punched and twist ties used to secure top to bottom. This will help in spring when I have to open the tops. I’ll just be able to take tops off and stack them, rather than move everything around to make room for opened, still attached, lids.


I had a packet of Andropogon scoparius ‘Prairie Blues’ seeds from last year’s Jelitto order that I forgot to sow.

This year I ordered Schizachyrium scoparium seeds from Prairie Moon.

Looks like there was a name change at some point and I’ll have a lot of “Little Bluestem,” but the ‘Prairie Blues’ is a new-ish selection/variety with more uniform grey-blue leaves.