2020-05-24 log

Started the day removing Cynodon dactylon (Bermuda grass) from a to-be bed that was in semi-shade. Worked there while talking on the phone with my cousin, and it became quite sunny within an hour and I was already filthy when I stopped for a slightly early lunch.

Forearm after removing gloves for lunch. This is not a suntan.

Switched to a guinea coop renovation project after lunch.

Guinea coop before

Before, there was one long roost parallel to coop length up at the top, and a number of roosts perpendicular to coop length at varying heights. The problem with the cross-roosts is I never found a good, secure way to attach them to the hardware cloth sides of the coop without movement. Whatever I tried, the force of birds landing on and taking off from the roosts eventually tore them loose. Plus, when a bird landed on or took off from a roost, it made a very loud sound that made me duck and cringe.

Guinea coop after

After: three roosts, all parallel to length of coop. There was some confusion (and grumbling from the chickens) about how to roost with the new arrangement, but I expect they will get into a routine soon. I did find one guinea hen sleeping on the floor of the coop at 2:55am when I went out to do rounds after that grey-and-white cat who has been hanging around woke me up yowling outside (which was driving Hermes nuts).

We’ll see if I got the spacing right this morning, by seeing how many birds got pooped on in the night. Adjustments may be in order.

Anyway, this whole project took four times longer than expected (as usual) and wore me out more than seems reasonable.

Cinnamon Chicken was definitely a bird-about-the-yard.

Cinnamon Chicken helpfully perches on the wheelbarrow

Cinnamon Chicken is queen of the mulch pile

In the evening, I moved to another bed to continue Cynodon dactylon removal, pulling back the tarp to reveal a very large spider, which Cinnamon Chicken ate, and a toad, which Cinnamon Chicken excitedly ran toward, but which I was happily able to capture and save from a terribly brutal end.

And there was another snake friend near the guinea coop. As long as they are not eating keets, I’m happy to have them around.

Today’s black snake encounter

And finally, after dinner I found a tick on the outside of my left thigh. This is a weird place for a tick because I tuck my pants into my socks, tuck my shirt into my pants, and wear a belt. I will be checking my pants for a hole, I guess.

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