A week

This morning there was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake ~109 miles to the west.

Definitely felt it.

Earlier in the week, a hurricane passed through. Luckily for me it was just a lot of rain here.

Also, a death in the family, and a COVID-19 scare.

No wonder I’m tired.

Rain, rain, rain

Rainy week ahead

So there won’t be much outdoor activity to report in the coming week.

More time to socialize keets, I suppose?

I used to like rainy spells much more before I had goats and guineas. All the nasty parts of caring for animals are exacerbated by rain and mud, and the animals complain about being cooped up (or choosing to stay in their shed for fear of melting, in the goats’ case). If let out, the guineas will wander around complaining about the rain and will get soaking wet, which isn’t a death sentence once they are grown, but still seems bad for days on end.

I also get a keen sense of resources/opportunity slipping away. Later this summer, I’m sure there will be weeks on end without a drop of rain, and my rainwater cache will run low, and yet all this bounty NOW isn’t being stored up for later.

With this spring/early summer rain monsoon-mid/late summer drought pattern, I definitely need some more rainwater storage, but I’m not sure where I could put them, and that’s a project I can’t do independently, which makes it more complicated, especially now.