2020-06-12 log

  • Staked the last two tomato plants
  • First pruning of indeterminate tomato suckers
  • Training cucumbers and gherkins up instead of out
  • Cut flower/seed heads off burdock
  • Cleaned up around burn pile
  • Weeded
  • Ate two freshly picked strawberries
  • Severely lopped back Artemisia absinthium, which is starting to get on my nerves, growing two feet a day and flopping over
  • I swear to god I saw one of my guinea eggs MOVE. Eeeeee…
  • Staked some milkweed and asparagus that flopped over in last night’s heavy rain.
Milkweed flopped over in heavy rain last night
  • Saw about five Japanese beetles and this guy…
A bug!
  • Enjoyed the scent of…
Orienpet lily ‘Pretty Woman’

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