2020-05-23 log

  • Light weeding/neatening up
  • Cut back Artemisia absinthium yet again, this time more emphatically
  • Staked lily bed and Ruta graveolens flopped over from the rain
  • Pruned Lurkey’s flight path
    • He’d been roosting across the street for a few nights, and I thought it was because the leafed-out trees had closed up his usual flight path. He was back in the huge sugar maple next door last nightm so I might have right. The goats appreciated having a bunch of mulberry branches
  • Planted out seedlings: cucumbers, sour gherkins, and some tomatoes, peppers, and squash
  • Staked Cercis canadensis ‘Ruby Falls’ with real stake
    • I do not, as a general practice, stake young trees, but this is for training this weeping-form tree to grow taller
  • Gathered and moved rocks unearthed by the fiber-installation process, so they don’t kill my lawnmower blade

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